The Second Path; Marcus Schmieke

    The Second Path; Marcus Schmieke
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My Life in the Information Field

Marcus Schmieke is a philosopher, scientist, inventor and entrepreneur.

This book describes, in his own words, his achievements so far and most everything he has seen, realized and been gifted with in his inner and outer world.

The core assumption of this book is the transformation of every human being during his or her lifetime: the transition from the material to the spiritual phase, the “Second Path” that often comes with painful changes and experiences.

The all-encompassing Information Field and its practical applications are the tools and the pivot of a story that will leave many readers incredulous or in awe, but all with new ideas and a substantially altered outlook on life, the universe and everything.

160 pages, hardbound
ISBN: 978-3-9503535-2-5

Order number: B116

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