5-Day Vasati Consultant Webinar - with Uwe Spira

    5-Day Vasati Consultant Webinar - with Uwe Spira
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April 28 - Mai 02, 2025
The webinar will be held in German. In case of sufficient interest, a webinar in English is possible as well.

Take the unique opportunity to learn Vasati online with an experienced teacher. Together with like-minded, inquisitive Vasati students you have the opportunity for 5 days to directly clarify all your questions in order to learn Vasati.

Seminar contents:

  • the five elements in Vasati
  • the characteristics of the eight directions
  • the Vastu Purusha Mandala
  • the nine planets in Vasati
  • space function, furnishings and installations in relation to the five elements and the eight heavenly directions
  • the two types of space energy
  • the geometry in Vasati
  • correction options and remedies for Vasati defects
  • the counseling guide (108 step program)

Seminar documents:

  • 1 folder with script (6 lessons with question part)
  • 1 folder with the book "108 Steps" (M. Schmieke)
  • Vasati 1 - Vasati Consultant (7 DVDs with 5 Lessons)
  • Vasati in One Click – CD-Rom
  • Prashna® Basis – Software for Vedic Astrology
  • Vasati Yantra Set (13 pcs., 18 x 18 cm)

The materials sent are designed for distance learning and will be sent to the webinar attendees as a valuable supporting source of information. Although the webinar does not follow these documents directly, it completely covers the content of them.

Certificate: Upon completion of successful internship work, Vasati Consultant Certificates are awarded to students.
We ensure the follow-up of students by Mr. Spira for 3 months after the seminar.

Webinar location: Online - we will inform you about the exact details on time
Webinar date: 04/28/2025 from 10:00 a.m. to 05/02/2025 4:00 p.m

Webinar fee: 1.518,- €

Vedic Living and Architecture for the 3rd Millennium
There are houses in which you feel completely comfortable and you simply succeed in everything. In other buildings, people are constantly sick and suffer one setback after another. Do not leave the quality of your living and working space to chance. With Vasati you create harmonious spaces that protect you on all levels from negative influences and provide you with positive vitality. A building built according to Vasati can be compared to a crystal whose energetic protective shield is so strong that negative energies from outside cannot penetrate into the interior. A Vasati house is therefore also the optimal protection for you and your family. Vasati is a modern, systematized and structured form of Vastu, the millennia-old science of space quality. It offers greater objectivity in the correction, redesign or planning of residential or business premises.

The four Levels of Holistic Living According to Vasati
Vasati contains a clear, consistent and structured system to build new buildings in accordance with the laws of nature and to energetically optimize existing apartments and houses with simple means. Experience the power of living rooms with Vasati!


• Healthy materials
• Protection against technical radiation


• Protection against earth rays and water veins
• More vitality


• Strengthening positive planetary influences in the house
• Tuning the house to its residents


• Individual design of your rooms
• Recognise yourself in the mirror of your home

Vasati Consultant: A Profession with a Future
Do you want to create a second pillar for yourself with a holistic and fulfilling activity or expand your current range of services? Use a growing niche as a Vasati consultant. With Vasati you are a decisive step ahead of other providers in the residential and construction sector. Even if you would like to experience more security, success and quality of life in your own home or plan your own dream house, the Vasati training is suitable for you.

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Uwe Spira - Your Vasati Instructor
Born on May 8th, 1957 in Andernach am Rhein. During his youth, the spiritual-religious background of his family led him on the search for a transcendent reality beside the material existence of earthly life. In 1979 he met the tradition of Bhakti Yoga and Mantra meditation, which decisively shaped his future path. Initiated in this tradition, he intensively studied the Vedic (Bhakti) scriptures. Here he found the inner development and growth. His conclusion did not lie in a withdrawn life, but in a synthesis of everyday life and spirituality. In 1988 he met Vedic astrology, which aroused great interest and enthusiasm in him. Between 2000 and 2002 he successfully completed the Vasati studies and the study of Vedic Astrology at the Vedic Academy and since 2004 he has been practicing the acquired knowledge of both areas on his own to the great satisfaction of his clients.

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