Parashurama Deva Yantra (Venus, Southeast) 6,3" x 6,3"

    Parashurama Deva Yantra (Venus, Southeast) 6,3" x 6,3"
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On the spiritual plane, Venus is presided over by Parashurama Deva. In the house, he rules over the southeast which is also assigned to the fire element. Therefore, the energy and vitality of the living area reacts very sensitively to the Vasati qualities of the southeast. If it is blocked or burdened by water, if it is too heavy or too open, you can apply the Venus Yantra. It can be equally used if the sleeping room is located there, because the fire of the southeast is not suitable for sleeping. In general, you can implement the Venus Yantra in sleeping rooms, comfort zones, and the kitchen.
You can apply a spiritual Venus Yantra in the southeast of the house or in the southeast of the respective room, if one or several of the following defects occur:

  • Southeast is cut off or blocked
  • The element fire is not present in the southeast
  • The southeast is higher than the southwest
  • There is water in the southeast
  • Expansions of the room in the southeast
  • Wells or ponds in the southeast of the land
  • Bathroom in the southeast
  • Pantry in the southeast
  • Sleeping room in the southeast

In general, this yantra can be used as a means of correction for Vasati defects in the southeast.

Applied in case of: too strong male energies, inner unrest, money worries, problems with property and investments, difficulties with girls in puberty, intense desire for wealth (should help fulfil these desires), problems with the father (for girls), Vata and Pitta disorders, troubled relation to the mother (from the mother’s side).
Should foster: sensitive partnership, good looks, happiness, artistic nature, success, popularity, female energy also in men, relief during pregnancy.
Energetically assigned to: kidneys, skin, cheeks, throat, hormones, 4th chakra.
Mantra: om namo bhagavate parashuramaya

Best. Nr.: YS006T

All vasati yantras are in color and are without exception printed at rare astrologically calculated moments. Only in this way it is guaranteed that they will carry in them exclusively the positive powers of the planets.

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