Matsya Deva Yantra (Ketu, Northeast) 6,3" x 6,3"

    Matsya Deva Yantra (Ketu, Northeast) 6,3" x 6,3"
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On the spiritual plane Ketu is presided over by Matsya Deva and in Vasati it is assigned to the northeast just like Jupiter. Like Rahu, it represents subtle disorders, which point to spiritual liberation, however. Defects in the northeast may also be balanced by the spiritual Ketu Yantra, especially if the defects are caused by a toilet or garbage. The toilet is allocated to Ketu. Wherever there is a misplaced toilet, a spiritual Ketu Yantra can be applied together with the yantra of the respective direction in order to fend off its negative influence. Furthermore, it is also exceptionally suitable to use in connection with room cleansing rituals in the northeast of the house, in order to free the building from negative subtle pollution.
You can implement a spiritual Ketu Yantra in the north of the house or in the northeast of the respective room at the level of the third eye if one or several of the following defects occur:

  • Kitchen, toilet, sleeping room, garbage or heating in the northeast
  • Northeast is cut off, dark or closed
  • Northeast is higher than the other directions
  • Water reservoir or well in other direction than N, E or NE
  • Heavy objects, stones or pieces of furniture in the northeast
  • No windows, no space or high trees in the northeast
  • Stress, unrest or hectic in the northeast

In general, meant for the corrections of Vasati defects in the northeast.

Applied in case of: fear of snakes, debts, repression, isolation, sexual harassment, confusion, aimlessness, numbness, fever.
Should foster: independence, disentanglement, renunciation, spirituality.
Energetically assigned to: anus; 7th chakra.
Mantra: om namo bhagavate matsyadevaya

Best. Nr.: YS009T

All vasati yantras are in color and are without exception printed at rare astrologically calculated moments. Only in this way it is guaranteed that they will carry in them exclusively the positive powers of the planets.

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