Krishna Gayatri Yantra (Moon, Northwest) 6,3" x 6,3"

    Krishna Gayatri Yantra (Moon, Northwest) 6,3" x 6,3"
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On the spiritual plane, the Moon is presided over by Krishna and is assigned to the northwest of the house. Its yantra can be applied, if the northwest of the house has any Vasati defects, if the energies in the house are blocked somewhere and should be revitalized and if the house does not have any windows left of the main entrance (as seen from the inside) or if they are too small or dark. It is also helpful if the female energies of the house are weakened in general or if there are often emotional disturbances in the house.
You can install a spiritual Moon yantra in the northwest of the house or in the northwest of the respective room at the level of the throat, if one or several of the following defects occur:

  • Northwest is cut off or blocked
  • Sleeping room in the northwest
  • Library or study in the northwest
  • Expansion in the northwest
  • Furnace or heating in the northwest
  • Northwest is higher than the southwest or west
  • Northwest is lower than the north or northeast
  • Northwest is lower than the southeast
  • Northwest is too heavy
  • Kitchen in the northwest

If this yantra is installed in the entrance hall, it will boost the positive aspects and weaken the obstructive ones. It is very beneficial for the female energies which are fostered by it. In general, it has a harmonizing effect. You can use it in case of negative influences from the Moon, Mercury and Venus. As a rule, it is a good choice for the entrance, sleeping room, the center of a room, the window (facing inward), the study, living room, children’s room, home office, hallway, staircase, corridors, guest rooms etc.
It is said to increase wealth if it is placed inside or above the safe. In case of sleeping disorders you can put is under the mattress. If this yantra is fixed at the level of the solar plexus, it can help alleviate depressions. The Gayatri Yantra also personifies the power of Jupiter, but also the powers of the Sun reside in this yantra. It has an enhancing and balancing effect on Venus while it balances and stabilizes the Mars energy.
Gayatri Devi is the first goddess of transcendental sound vibration and the protector of wisdom and spiritual knowledge. She plays an important role in the creation of the universes and also in the soul’s journey back into the spiritual world.
In general, it can be used for the correction of Vasati defects in the northwest.

Applied in case of: financial fluctuations, mental exhaustion, self-pity, problems with women (also for women), extremely strong male energy, too much heat and fire in the body (it has a cooling effect).
Should foster: sense of responsibility, readiness to help, selflessness, attention, charity, devotion, inner beauty, ability to hear the inner voice, relation to the mother; expansion of the consciousness and intellectual and spiritual horizon, general well-being.
Energetically assigned to: blood, chest, lungs, lymphatic system, inner reproductive organs of women, stomach, circulation, psyche, 6th chakra.
Mantra: om namo bhagavate vasudevaya

Best. Nr.: YS002T

All vasati yantras are in color and are without exception printed at rare astrologically calculated moments. Only in this way it is guaranteed that they will carry in them exclusively the positive powers of the planets.

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