Narasimha Deva Yantra (Mars, South) 7" x 7"

    Narasimha Deva Yantra (Mars, South) 7" x 7"
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On the spiritual plane, the planet Mars is presided over by Narasimhadeva and is allocated to the south in Vasati. If there are any defects in that direction, the spiritual Mars Yantra should be applied. This holds true, if for example, the south is too open, if there is a lot of water or space on the southern part of premises or if subterranean cavities or pits can be found in the south. By choosing the spiritual Mars Yantra you can also balance an entrance in the south. In general, it increases the energy, determination and the courage of the inhabitants.
You can place a spiritual Mars Yantra in the south of a house or in the south of the room affected at the level of the navel, if one or several of the following defects occur:

  • South is wide open
  • Large windows in the south
  • Library or study in the south
  • Door in the south with an open space in front of it
  • Well or pond in the south
  • Weak brickwork in the south
  • Terrace in the south is lower than the floor of the house
  • Southern gate or door faces southwest
  • A lot of space in the south
  • The south is higher than the southwest
  • The south is lower than the north or east
  • The complete south is used as living room

It strengthens the male energies. Therefore, it is suitable for strengthening the sun windows. These are the windows located on the right side of the entrance door (as seen from the inside), especially if the rooms behind those windows are not in harmony with the Sun or are of low quality. It will stabilize the masculine aspects.
For women with bad Mars constellations (Mars in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 9th house) this yantra will support harmony in marriage.
This yantra will also strengthen the fire element. At the same time is has a balancing effect on other elements. You can use it in order to balance the air element: surplus parts of other elements will be burnt.
It will correct or eliminate the negative influences created by Mars or Jupiter. It will reduce Vata or digestive disorders by increasing the fire element. It can also protect electrical installations.
This yantra is appropriate for application in the kitchen, heating systems, electrical installations, sauna, fitness room, rooms with dim light, and in the dining room.
In general it is suitable for the corrections of Vasati defects in the south.

Applied in case of: excess impulsiveness, aggression, drinking addiction, epilepsy, accidents, surgery.
Should foster: productivity; realization, mental strength, resilience, seriousness, determination, accuracy, control capacity, perspicacity, mechanical dexterity, bodily strength, martial arts.
Energetically assigned to: blood, high blood pressure, bone marrow, muscles, forehead, genitals, 3rd chakra.
Mantra: om namo bhagavate narasimhaya

Best. Nr.: YS003

All  vasati yantras are in color and are without exception printed at rare astrologically calculated moments. Only in this way it is guaranteed that they will carry in them exclusively the positive powers of the planets. The yantras are provided with a seal of authenticity.

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