Astrological Partnership Analysis - by Conrad Maess

    Astrological Partnership Analysis - by Conrad Maess
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An astrological partnership analysis offers you the opportunity to better understand yourself and your counterpart (partner, child, parent) and to have a harmonious, fulfilling relationship. It can serve as a tool to foster deeper understanding and a stronger emotional connection, as well as to manage challenges more effectively.

How do we fit together?
A thorough exploration of your individual character traits and preferences, as well as those of your partner, can help you to better understand both of your personalities. This way you can be sure that your character and emotional traits harmonize well and fit together. Through this detailed astrological examination of both horoscopes, you can determine whether you and your partner can have a long-term, fulfilling and stable relationship.

1. Coming to terms with yourself and others
Get to know yourself better, understand your strengths and weaknesses and master conflicts in your partnership. These insights will help you to better understand not only your own needs, but also those of your partner.
2. Overcome established patterns of behavior
Avoid future misunderstandings in your relationship by actively addressing your own issues. Recognize old patterns of behavior and integrate new, constructive approaches into your life together. This enables a deeper and more authentic connection.
3. Who are you in your partnership?
Find out how you can harmonize your life goals and your partnership. Where is your path leading you? Who accompanies you? This analysis will help you to experience your partnership as a source of strength and inspiration as you grow and develop together.

Use the astrological partnership analysis to take your relationship to a new level. Discover hidden potential and create a harmonious connection based on mutual understanding and deep insight.

Exact time of birth:
For an accurate result of an astrological consultation, it is important to know your birth data, especially your exact time of birth. To find this out, you can contact the registry office of your place of birth. Since the Bismarckian social reform, this office has been obliged to record the exact time of birth on the birth certificate. If this is not the case, the exact time of birth can be determined on the basis of the ten most significant events in your life. This astrological service costs €129.

Please add the following data to your order:

  • Th date, time & place of birth of both partners
  • Invoice and delivery address
  • Telephone number, e-mail
  • Special information or requests

This astrological consultation lasts approx. 90 minutes, takes place via Zoom and is also sent to you as an audio file after the consultation.
Please contact us to find out the current processing times.

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