Vasati Pyramid Bronze

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The Vasati pyramid is best installed in the centre of a house or room or on another energetic key point. This powerful pyramid can correct Vastu defects to a high degree without any analysis. The Vasati pyramid's powerful corrective effects are due to the synergic combination of all the important vasati correction tools: 12 yantras, 9 glass pyramids, mantras, Vastupurusha mandala and the installation ceremony.

The Vasati pyramid equalises up to 75% of negative spatial energies and Vastu defects with an effect range of around 22 metres. The counterbalancing effect of a combined usage of correctly placed yantras with a Vastu pyramid and/or Meru Chakra can be as much as 98%. The Vasati pyramid when can therefore neutralise nearly all of a building's negative energies without having to probe into the specific nature of the defects.

29 x 29 x 8 cm
made from five metals including silver and gold

Best. Nr.: P002B

Expected to be available again from the end of August.

Disclaimer: The described effectiveness of this and other products on this website is not accepted or approved by conventional science.  

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