Vasati Consulting with a Floor Plan

    Vasati Consulting with a Floor Plan
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(Only for existing buildings)

An effective and cost-efficient alternative to on-site consultation is a floor plan consultation. On the basis of a floor plan, a map and a few photos, we will prepare a written Vasati analysis for you, covering the following topics:

  • List of the main Vasati features of the building
  • Preparation and consideration of the horoscopes of all residents
  • Description of the main Vasati defects and their potential impact on residents
  • Create a detailed list of corrections covering the same points as an on-site consultation

Please send us the following documents:

  • Site plan of the plot and the buildings with exact indication of north
  • Floor plans of all floors with exact indication of north
  • Marking of the most important pieces of furniture and installations
  • Any photos of the plot, building and rooms
  • Date of birth of residents (date, time and place)
  • If necessary, a list of your specific questions, which the consultation should clarify.

The cost of such a floor plan consultation is half the cost of the corresponding on-site consultation. The Yantras and correction materials are not included in this price.

Apartment up to 80 m²: 350 €
Apartment over 80 m²: 400 €
House up to 250 m²: 450 €

Please feel free to contact us for an individual offer for office or work rooms and larger houses: [email protected]

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