Varaha Deva Yantra (Rahu, Southwest) 7" x 7"

    Varaha Deva Yantra (Rahu, Southwest) 7" x 7"
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On the spiritual plane, Rahu is presided over by Varaha Deva. As a subtle shadow planet he rules over the southwest which in Vasati is considered to be the direction with the most negative energy potential. If there is too much space in the southwest of the land or if it is rather open, the spiritual Rahu Yantra should be placed there. It can also limit the influx of negative energies into the house, if it is applied over the main entrance in the southwest. It can also be used in the southwest of the house or room, if water or fire is present there or if too much movement is predominant there. It can also be used to make up for negative influences caused by indentations or a slope towards the southwest.
You can apply a spiritual Rahu Yantra in the southwest of the house or in the southwest of the respective room at the level if the hips, if one or more of the following defects occur:

  • Lots of space in the southwest (more than in the northeast)
  • The house is built with a cellar in the southwest
  • Indentation or hole in the ground
  • Well or watering place in the southwest
  • Kitchen or bathroom in the southwest
  • Southwest is light and open
  • Big window in the southwest
  • Extension of the land or house in the southwest
  • Door in the southwest
  • Southwest is lower than the other directions
  • Water flows off towards the southwest
  • No right angle in the southwest
  • Too much movement and commotion in the southwest
  • Child sleeps in the southwest

In general, useful for the correction of Vasati defects in the southwest. Results in grounding mainly in the southwest.

Applied in case of: neurological disorders; difficulties with addictions, chronic dissatisfaction,  complexes, inferiority complex, unfounded worries, dullness, chronic listlessness, difficulties to maintain oneself, dishonesty, infidelity, suffering from a tyrant-like boss, frustration, weight problems, boils, skin diseases, suppuration, inflammations, worms.
Should foster: prestige, popularity, fulfilling desires externally, technical talents.
Energetically assigned to: intestines, spleen, 1st chakra.
Mantra: om namo bhagavate varahadevaya

Best. Nr.: YS008

All vasati yantras are in color and are without exception printed at rare astrologically calculated moments. Only in this way it is guaranteed that they will carry in them exclusively the positive powers of the planets. The yantras are provided with a seal of authenticity.

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