Navaratna Pendant Gold - Oval

    Navaratna Pendant Gold - Oval
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Gold with 14 Carat
Since thousands of years, the Vedas have been advising to harmonize the planets in your chart with the help of a Navaratna talisman. Everybody can wear this arrangement of gems assigned to all the planets, regardless of the ascendant. It should balance the afflictions of the planets. According to the Vedic tradition, it should bring luck, give peace and prosperity and protect from spirits and enemies. It should pacifie a disturbed or agitated mind, give success and honour, and support the process of spiritual development of the person who carries it.

The Navaratna talisman has an oval form. The red garnet in the middle represents the Sun which is orbited by its eight planets. Each planet is supported by a particular gem:

  • Venus: zircon
  • Moon: pearl
  • Mars: carnelian
  • Rahu: hessonite
  • Saturn: amethyst
  • Ketu: tourmaline cat`s eye
  • Jupiter: citrine
  • Mercury: peridot
  • Sun: red garnet

Size: 0,47 x 0,55 inches, gold with 14 carat

Best. Nr.: P050

Disclaimer: The described effectiveness of this and other products on this website is not accepted or approved by conventional science.

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