Your Cosmic Bodyguard; Marcus Schmieke

Your Cosmic Bodyguard; Marcus Schmieke
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Protection and healing with the power of the planets
Remedies from ancient Indian astrology for the transformation of karmic weaknesses

This ancient method helps to overcome problems indicated in the horoscope of a person, including health problems and psychological disturbances. It is based on the 12 ascendants which the reader can determine himself. The book suggests individual remedies for each ascendant:

  • Colours for clothes, light, bedsheets etc.
  • Stones for rings and other jewellery
  • Yantras for planetary medallions (mystical squares)
  • Mantras and ceremonies
  • Iindividual activities for transforming the negative energies of certain planets

A short introduction into Indian Astrology is given to give the reader a general understanding of the principles behind the Vedic Remedies. Examples illustrate how this method effectively solves problems in different areas of life.

122 pages

Best. Nr.: EB 008

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