The Power of Living Space; Marcus Schmieke

The Power of Living Space; Marcus Schmieke
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The Big Vasati Book

This book contains the complete practical knowledge needed to become a professional Vasati consultant. It explains the cultural background of Vastu and its application in analysis, correction and planing of houses in contemporary architecture. Even detailed information which was before kept as a secrete of Vastu masters is revealed in this standard book on Vasati. It is the most elaborate and profound work on Vasati world-wide.
From the contents:

  • The historical background of Vastu
  • The bioenergetic principles of Vasati
  • The qualities of the eight directions
  • The interiors of different rooms in Vasati
  • Classification of Vasati defects
  • Doors, windows and entrances in Vasati
  • The plot and the surroundings of the house
  • Money and Vasati; the dynamics of the money energy
  • Vasati applications for business and industry
  • The astrological basis of Vastu
  • A Vasati house for each ascendent
  • The timing of Vasati events
  • Planing a house according to Vasati
  • Vastu and Ayurveda
  • Vastu and health
  • Design according to Vasati
  • Vasati consultation

297 pages (including over 400 illustrations)

Best. Nr.: EB 003

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