Mantra Carafe and 6 Glasses + 1000 g Shungit Stones

    Mantra Carafe and 6 Glasses + 1000 g Shungit Stones
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Hand engraved decorative Mantra carafe and 6 glasses + 1000 g shungit stones
Energise your water with the help of mantras and schungit.

Drink the positive power of mantras!
With the help of water crystal photography, Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto was the first to successfully make visible the positive energetic effect that written mantras have on the water.

On these elegant Mantra drinking glasses and carafe you will find the most powerful traditional mantra for energizing of water artistically engraved into the glass. Indian brahmanas have been chanted this mantra daily since thousands of years in order to transform ordinary water into sacred water for Vedic ceremonies. Use the power of this ancient tradition to bless your own drinking water.

For this you simply fill the Mantra glass or the Mantra carafe with water and let it stand for a few moments. Through the medium of light, the vibration of the mantra affects the water. You can additionally increase the effect by chanting the mantra once or thrice.

The ideal gift
Both the drinking glasses and the carafe radiate subtle elegance. They combine aesthetics with the practical energy power of the ancient Vedic tradition. With each glass and with each carafe you will receive a small water protected mantra card with the Sanskrit text of the mantra and its German or English translation. The glass carafes are hand-made and therefore small individual differences are possible.

Benefit from an ancient tradition!
The engraved mantra invokes the spiritual power of all sacred rivers of India and transmits it into the water in the glasses. Its power has been accumulated by countless incantations over the course of thousands of years. Take advantage of this spiritual power field for spiritualizing your own drinking water.

6 Mantra drinking glasses (à 0,38 liter (13.52 fl. oz.)) + 1 Mantra carafe (1 liter (33.81 fl. oz.)) + 1000 g of schungit stones

Best. Nr.: PSU023

Notice: The described mode of operation and effects of the Mantra glasses and carafe and of schungit are not confirmed by conventional science, but are based on the experiences gained through traditional usage.

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