Narasimha Protection Yantra 7" x 7"

    Narasimha Protection Yantra 7" x 7"
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This Narasimha Yantra is the ideal protection yantra which will fend off negative planetary influences and disturbing influences of all kinds. If it is put at the proper place, it is also suitable to balance the negative effects of water veins and Hartmann grid crossing points. It will take effect in on all kinds of subtle disorders caused by ghosts or negative entities, and will also reduce disturbances caused by the elements water and air. In general, it is balancing, neutralizing, protective and strengthening.

If you use it in windows, you can place it on the inside or on the outside depending on the direction the negative energies come from. If you want to fend off negative energies coming from outside, you should fix the yantra in such a way that it faces outside. If you want to strengthen or balance the energies inside the room, the yantra should face inside. Of course, you may also use it as a double yantra, thus taking both directions into account.

In the center of the room it can be used on the floor in order to strengthen the energies of the Brahmasthana. It is also very advantageous to fix it above gates or doors if the entrances or exits are in unfavorable positions. It can also be used in kitchens, workshops, sport studios, laboratories etc. The Narasimha Yantra can be placed underneath cash boxes or safes, in order to protect their content.

Shri Narasimha Deva is the deity of this yantra. Thanks to his personality the yantra receives his protective powers. He is a personification of Shri Vishnu, God, and has been worshipped in India for centuries by devotees seeking protection and shelter. He protects spiritually oriented people on their path and protects them against the inner enemies such as anger, lust, envy, greed and illusion.

Best. Nr.: YS010

All the yantras are in color and are without exception printed at rare astrologically calculated moments. Only in this way it is guaranteed that they will carry in them exclusively the positive powers of the planets. The yantras are provided with a seal of authenticity.

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