Dhanvantari - 37 cm

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Deity of medicine, health and longevity (Ayurveda), equipped with the attributes of Chakra – fire discus (protection), conch (purity and strength), Amrita Kalasha (storage container for healing herbal essences in the form of Amrita / nectar of immortality) and the leech (as a symbol of application 1of natural remedies of any kind).

His meditation mantra is:
om namo bhagavate dhanvantaraye svaha

His gayatri puja mantra is:
om vasudevaya vidmahe
jagad-raksaya dimahi
tanno dhanvantari prachodayat(e)

His mala mantra is:
om namo vasudevaya dhanvataraye amrita kalasha hastaya sevamaya vinasanaya trailokia nathaya sri maha visnave namah

Size: 37 cm

Weight: 5 kg

Material: Panchaloham - gold, silver, copper, zinc and tin

Please note that the statue has a small imperfection - the lower left hand is missing about 3mm from the middle finger.

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