Mantras – The Big Guide (& Audio CD); Marcus Schmieke & Sacinandana Swami

    Mantras – The Big Guide (& Audio CD); Marcus Schmieke & Sacinandana Swami
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! Please note, that the book is in German language !
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Mantras are words of power. The recitation of them can free our consciousness from disturbing influences. Although mantras were used in all ancient traditions, India is considered to be the place, where the recitation of mantras led to full bloom.

Marcus Schmieke, who lived as a monk in India, presents more than hundred authentic mantras in this book and shows their practical application. The spectrum of the described areas of application is large.

  • Mantras for spiritual development
  • Mantras for better health
  • Mantras for wealth
  • Mantras for protection
  • Mantras for wisdom and education
  • Mantras for better partner- and relationships
  • Mantras for strengthening the horoscope

Each chapter starts with a captivating story written by Sacinandana Swami, related to the mantra described in that part of the book.

On the included Audio-CD you will find all the mantras of this book, recited by a south Indian Brahmin Kunjabihari Dasa. It will help you to learn the proper pronunciation of the mantras. Because they are recited by an experienced practitioner, the recordings are already specially powerful. Thus alone a listening to the CD will have a spiritually-therapeutic effect. Furthermore does the Author of this CD, accompanied by two traditional Instruments, sing two mantras.

Hans Nietsch Verlag, 220 Pages, hardbound, CD 70 min.
ISBN: 978-3-939570-01-1

Best. Nr.: B073

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