Ayurvedic Therapeuticon; Alexander Pollozek

    Ayurvedic Therapeuticon; Alexander Pollozek
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A teaching manual and practical guide to the basic physical Ayurvedic therapies!
Please note, that the book is in German language!

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For more than 20 years the non-medical practitioner and Ayurvedic specialist Alexander Pollozek has been training therapists and his own staff members. Astonishing knowledge gaps and practical deficiencies prompted the author to write the so-called concomitant “therapy instructions” for his team. The result was the basis for this book.

This book contains very detailed instructions, proven formulas and practical help for the individual basic physical and oil therapies - a practical reference work for those who are trained as an Ayurvedic therapist and those who already work as a therapist. The book can also be a valuable decision aid for those who wish to undergo an Ayurvedic therapy.

Everyone who is seeking healing in Ayurvedic medicine, as well as any seriously appointed Ayurvedic therapist has the right of a gapless and genuine access to the facts of this traditional holistic medicine. So stop the secret-mongering among colleagues!

It would be desirable that the Ayurvedic experts can be measured at least against this type of therapy standards in future and the enlightened patient claims for this emphatically.

With more than 170 color illustrations
Vasati Verlag, 240 pages, hardbound
ISBN: 978-3-937238-07-4

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