Ayurveda-Textbook (Charaka-Samhita) - 2 Volumes; Srikanta Sena

    Ayurveda-Textbook (Charaka-Samhita) - 2 Volumes; Srikanta Sena
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Compendium of the Ayurveda-classics Charaka-Samhita!
Please note, that the book is in German language!

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The Charaka Samhita is the oldest and best-known Ayurvedic classical literature. It was written more than two thousand years ago by the physician and sages Charaka in Sanskrit as a textbook for Ayurvedic studies. To this day, the Charaka Samhita is an indispensable basic work for anyone who wants to use Ayurveda as a therapist or for himself or herself and his or her family.

The Ayurveda-textbook is a two-volume compendium of  the Charaka Samhita, which offers even laymen, due to its comprehensive explanations on the spiritual aspects and the philosophical-cultural background of Ayurveda, an understandable introduction into Traditional Indian Medicine. If you follow the simple instructions of the Ayurvedic way of life, as they are given in this work, you will thus eliminate the causes of diseases and you will lay the foundation for lasting health.

Volume 1 (520 Pages) includes Sutra-, Nidana-, Vimana-, Sarira-, Indriyasthanam (basics, diagnosis, specific aspects, the study of the human body, signs of imminent death).
Volume 2 (489 Pages) includes Cikitsa-, Kalpa- and Siddhisthanam (therapeutics, pharmacology, Rasayana, Pañcakarma).

It also includes a comprehensive glossary of the Sanskrit words appearing in this work, a plant directory and a list of drugs, medicines and dietary preparations.

Vasati Verlag; 520 + 489 Pages; hardbound 5. Edition
ISBN: 978-3937238005

Best. Nr.: B028

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