Silence of Mantras; Lex van Someren

    Silence of Mantras; Lex van Someren
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Hörproben (Soundcloud):

A predominantly calm and meditative mantra CD, this time with the solo voice of Lex van Someren in the foreground, sensitively arranged and enriched with many female and male choral songs.

Lex is accompanied by Karoline Ströher, with her angelic voice and other solo instruments such as flute, violin, harp, oboe, cello etc. The roots of ancient mantras are combined with modern sounds and melodies.

When redesigning these sacred chants, care was taken to ensure that the listener can sing along or use them as background music to calm and relax during yoga, in the wellness area and in therapeutic activities for the recovery of body, mind and soul. Inner peace returns in order to gather new energy and strength.

1. Om Bhagavan - 9:31
2. Ave Maria (ganz anders - eine Komposition von Ashana) - 14:28
3. Mere Gurudev - 10:00
4. Asatoma II - 9:35
5. Om Mani Padme Hum - 8:11
6. Guru Ram Das II - 9:47
7. Hallelujah - 8:04

Total runtime: 69:56 Min.

Order No.: CD042

About the author:

Lex van Someren (*1952 in Amsterdam) is a Dutch singer, composer, artist-shaman, teacher and author living in Germany, who regularly performs on large stages, in concert halls and churches in Germany and abroad.

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