Mantras of Joy; Lex van Someren

    Mantras of Joy; Lex van Someren
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These mantras are sacred chants from different religions. They usually consist of short and simple, repetitive texts that remind us of the divine source of all life within us. Sacred chants have always been perceived as gateways to heavenly spheres. They are passed down from generation to generation like precious treasures. The chants have a deeply calming, relaxing and healing effect and are therefore particularly suitable for relieving stress. It is not even necessary to understand their meaning, because it is not thinking that transforms people, but what can be perceived beyond thought. Mantras are letters, a sequence of letters, syllables, words, sentences or even several sentences that are constantly repeated with love and devotion. You can do this in your thoughts, humming softly, speaking or singing.

A selection of touching mantras arranged and orchestrated in a wonderful and unique way by Frank Steiner. The music and chants create a light and joyful vibration that invites you to sing along or simply to listen with pleasure and let your mind wander.

1. Shanti Mantra - 9:36
2. Ra Ma Da Sa - 11:59
3. Gayatri III - 10:54
4. Aadays Tisai Aadays - 11:57
5. Servant of Peace - 10:30
6. Gobinde Mukande - 8:45

Total runtime: 64 Min.

Best. Nr.: CD041

About the author:

Lex van Someren (*1952 in Amsterdam) is a Dutch singer, composer, artist-shaman, teacher and author living in Germany, who regularly performs on large stages, in concert halls and churches in Germany and abroad.


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