Vedic Birth Horoscope (Your Personal Chart Reading) - by Yamuna Gäbler

    Vedic Birth Horoscope (Your Personal Chart Reading) - by Yamuna Gäbler
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A life horoscope is a comprehensive astrological analysis of your personality and your life.

The first part deals with your personality, talents and inclinations. It explains the patterns of behaviour and thought that shape your world view and the areas of life in which strong karmic influences can be felt.

The second part includes the analysis of all areas of life such as health, profession, partnership, finances, children, etc. It describes possible blockages and disturbances, explains their causes and offers you detailed information on the various astrological and karmic corrective methods available. With the help of these means (Upayas) you can improve the quality of your life profoundly, sustainably and independently.

Your personal Vedic birth chart contains:

  • Personality analysis
    This is based primarily on the analysis of the position of the moon, your ascendant sign and the position of the sun. Then the other planets and their effects are described to get a complete picture of your personality.
  • Analysis of the karmic axis
    This explains in which areas of your life you have to deal with inherited burdens from your previous incarnations and where particular development is possible and necessary.
  • Analysis of the different areas of life
    The focus is now on your health, professional development, partnerships, children, finances, wish fulfilment, spiritual development, etc.
  • Dasha analysis
    Analysis of different phases of your life.
  • Karmic remedies
    Karmic remedies are considered jewels of Vedic astrology because they enable an independent and profound life transformation.

You will receive your horoscope as an audio CD (duration approx. 280 minutes), supplemented by graphic representations of your horoscope and detailed written suggestions for karmic corrections.

Important: For an accurate horoscope you should know your exact birth time! Your birth certificate might be helpful. The statements of the mother or other family members are often very inaccurate. Incorrect birth data leads to invalid calculations and the horoscopes become inaccurate. If you do not know your exact time of birth, then on the basis of the important events in your life, Yamuna will perform an astrological birth time correction for 150 €.

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