Kavacha Horoscope - For Protection and Karmic Transformation - by Uwe Spira

    Kavacha Horoscope - For Protection and Karmic Transformation - by Uwe Spira
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Auf der Grundlage Ihrer Geburtsdaten erhalten Sie Analysen und Vorschläge, mit denen Sie Schwachstellen Ihres Horoskops – verursacht durch negative Planeteneinflüsse – korrigieren können. Die Korrektur basiert auf der Arbeit mit Farben, Edelsteinen, Mantras, Yantras und Zeremonien, sowie individuellen Tätigkeiten zur Unterstützung und Transformation der Planetenenergien.

On the basis of your birth data, you will receive analyses and suggestions with which you can correct weak points in your horoscope caused by negative planetary influences. The correction is based on working with colours, gemstones, mantras, yantras and ceremonies, as well as individual activities to support and transform planetary energies.

The Kavacha Horoscope includes:

  • Proposals for the selection of the appropriate time at which the recommended corrective actions should start.
  • A description of the strong and weak areas of the horoscope and the effect of astral corrections on these areas of life.
  • An overview of the strong and weak planetary phases in the near future, and if necessary, special astral aids for their compensation.

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