Karma-Horoscope / Yamuna's Special - by Yamuna Gäbler

    Karma-Horoscope / Yamuna's Special - by Yamuna Gäbler
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From the Vedic perspective, we are all spiritual beings who have incarnated into temporary physical bodies since time immemorial. What are our goals and motivations?

This horoscope analyzes the influences of past incarnations on your present life and identifies your most important learning tasks. In which patterns of thinking and feeling do your blockades have their roots, in which direction do you have to further develop yourself? The emphasis of this work is on self-realization and vocation (Dharma). Only someone who recognizes meaning in his life can be truly happy.

This horoscope also deals with the methods of karmic processing. It shows the ways to transform problematic karmic or planetary influences.

You will receive your karma horoscope in audio form (CDs; duration of interpretation approx. 150 min.) plus additional graphics and written material.

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Important: For an accurate horoscope you should know your exact birth time! Your birth certificate might be helpful. The statements of the mother or other family members are often very inaccurate. Incorrect birth data leads to invalid calculations and the horoscopes become inaccurate. If you do not know your exact time of birth, then on the basis of the important events in your life, Yamuna will perform an astrological birth time correction for 150 €.

Please refer to the current processing time.

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