Children's Horoscope - by Yamuna Gäbler

    Children's Horoscope - by Yamuna Gäbler
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The children’s horoscope gives parents a deeper insight into the psychology and potential of their child. They receive knowledge and tools with which they can successfully support the development of their children.

The children’s horoscope describes:

  • Your child’s inclinations and talents
  • The view with which your child encounters you and the world
  • Areas in need of development
  • Areas with special potential
  • Problematic areas, visible on a medical, physical, psychological or material level
  • Indications of the best and weakest times in your child’s development (which energies support or block your child in these times?)

It also offers:

  • Recommendations and indications of karmic remedies
    These protective and promotional remedies can strengthen the energies of the planets. Weaknesses of the horoscope are corrected or mitigated and negative influences of the planets are transformed.
  • Residential horoscope
    In Vedic astrology, the eight points of the compass play an important role in the horoscope. Each direction has an individual effect on each person. The Living Horoscope shows you how the eight points of the compass influence your child. This is especially true for those directions in your house or apartment where your child sleeps, plays, learns or otherwise spends several hours a day.

Please add the following data to your order:

  • Date of birth of the child (date, time, place)
  • Invoice and delivery address
  • Telephone number, e-mail
  • The birth dates of the parents are also helpful and provide further interesting information.

It is important to know exact birth time. An improper time can lead to an improper result. In case that you do not know exact birth time, we can offer to you "Birth time correction" for 120 Euro, where on the basis of important events in the life the birth time will be ascertained.

Please refer to the current processing time.

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