Prashna® Interpretation - Software for Vedic Astrology

    Prashna® Interpretation - Software for Vedic Astrology
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This innovative software for Vedic Astrology integrates all the essential functions needed for everyday work with the Vedic Astrology. Because Prashna® is based on the unbeatably clear and effective Systems Approach to Astrology as thought by  Prof. V.K. Choudry, it can fulfil functions which no software in the world can accomplish. The successive version of the three build-up editions of the software always includes the preceding version(s). In the following we present some of the features. This software only works with Windows operating systems - Windows XP or higher!

2. Module - Prashna® Interpretation:
~ Interactive Horoscope Charts
You can click on each element (planets, signs and houses) with the mouse and obtain helpful information about its qualities and significations. Interpretations of the planetary positions are also shown. Aspects and conjunctions are visually displayed using colourful arrows. This is one of the reasons why this software is ideal for studying Vedic Astrology. Moreover, the Basic Edition includes a comfortable transits function and the function for the analysis of the transits and the birth chart. It also features informative diagrams for planetary strengths, the strength of the houses, planetary phases, harmonic subcharts etc.

~ Horoscope Interpretation in English
The Interpretation Edition of Prashna provides you with ca. 14 pages of detailed text interpreting and analysing the given chart. This document also gives an interpretation of about the determined Ayurvedic constitution and additionally supplies a Vastu horoscope for better living quality.

~ Recommendation for karmic and spiritual remedies
In the Interpretation Edition you will find elaborate individual recommendation how you can transform the weak spots in your natal horoscope with mantras, yantras, colours, gems and deeds.

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Best. Nr.: Interpretation-P028
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ISBN: 978-3-937238-67-8

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