Gaudiya Kirtan - Devotional Songs & Prayers (with Audio CD)

Gaudiya Kirtan - Devotional Songs & Prayers (with Audio CD)
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Gaudiya Kirtan brings us the songs and prayers compiled by famous Gaudiya Vaisnavas, like Bhaktivinod Thakur, Narottama das Thakur, Krishnadas Kaviraj, Rupa Goswami and many more. It contains nine chapters, each with a list of songtitles. There is also an appendix alphabetically listing the various songs in this book. It offers verses in Roman translation, word for word translation and English translation.

It also includes a CD with all the 130 songs recorded on MP3.

Hardbound; 268 pages; 22 x 20 x 2,5 cm

(Due to the transport from India, the cover of the book might be very slightly damaged)

Best. Nr.: B 075

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