Meru Chakra Gold

Meru Chakra Gold
Meru Chakra Gold
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Meru Chakra (the 3-dimensional Shri Yantra) is the most important corrective tool of Vastu and can be effectively used for correcting defects of the north (direction of health, fortune and money) and northeast (energetically most important and most valuable area of the house). The elaborate precious metal casting (silver, antimony, copper, zinc, pewter) is covered with 24 carat gold. Precious material and the highest precision in manufacture make the original Meru Chakra unequalled in its aesthetics and its energetic effect. The Meru Chakra has been examined according to LIFE TEST® criteria with the aid of meridian energy measurement (with "Prognos") in a double blind test and has been rated as "energetically very good" in total judgement.

Size: 16 x 16 x 10 cm

Best. Nr.: P001

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